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3P Quickcure Wood Filler

3P QuickCure Wood Filler is the only "cure-on demand" Wood Filler for the home repair professional or DIYer. With its unlimited working time and no need to mix components, 3P QuickCure Wood Filler allows you all the time you need to prepare the repair. Only when you are ready, do you start the curing processing by heating with a heat gun or sealing iron. The curing process is fast because the reaction proceeds by "frontal polymerization"...the chemical reaction actually spreads out so you don't need to heat the complete sample.

QuickCure Wood Filler is a proprietary mixture of acrylates, peroxides and inorganic fillers.

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"Your product has saved us about $500 because we thought we were going to have to replace the whole door! Thanks again! Barbara F., Gonzales, Louisiana.

“I use 3P QuickCure Wood Filler in my work because, unlike BONDO, I don’t have to mix it, I have as much time as I need to prepare the repair, and QuickCure Wood Filler hardens fast when I want it to harden.” Bob Croxton, G & B Building Specialists, Inc.

"The 3P wood filler saved the day (and saved us a lot of money)! The knotty wood cabinet doors in our new house were full of gouges and holes. After showing our painters the video and giving them a quick demo of your product (not something they expected!) they went to work and raved over and over about the results. They plan to keep a few jars on hand from now on.”

Melissa M.
St. Joseph, MO


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How do I use 3P QuickCure Wood Filler

Mold the Quickcure Wood Filler into the hole you need to repair. Take all the time you want because the Wood Filler won't harden until you are ready. Heat the surface with the heat gun, laundry iron or sealing iron, and the Wood Filler will harden in seconds. You can then sand, drill or tap it.


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